Construction Progress of Wisconsin Data Center

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FD LLC future data Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as future data, FD in English) has been actively expanding its global footprint during the past year. We are establishing a new hosting center in Wisconsin, North America. Regarding the construction progress of this hosting center, we are here to answer several major questions that you are concerned about.

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  1. What is the total amount of electricity of the power station in Wisconsin?

The total power of Wisconsin power station is 40MW, including hydropower 9.5MW and grid power 30MW. The first phase of the supercomputing center construction will be a 20MW-supercomputing-center. The total electricity consists of hydropower 9.5MW and grid power 12MW.

  1. How many mining container have been shipped to Wisconsin?

Six 20 feet supercomputer center mobile crypto mining container has been received in our supercomputer mobile intelligent data container room, whose rated power is 800KW. Each container can carry 168 sets. There are ten 40-foot supercomputer center mobile crypto mining containers to be shipped, whose rated power is 1600KW, twice of the 20-foot mining containers’. Each container can carry 336 sets. 8000 digital mining machines have been shipped to and received at Wisconsin supercomputer hosting center.

  1. How is the construction situation of the Supercomputer Hosting center? What is the number of planned slot?

Currently the overall construction situation of our Wisconsin supercomputer center is as follows: the site has been leveled, the test circuit is under construction, and the company LOGO sign has been set up. The total planned capacity is 10,000 machines.  

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About future data

Founded in April 2021, future data is an emerging technology service company in the field of blockchain. Its business mainly focuses on big data computing services, supercomputing center data box production and blockchain mining hosting services. Our company not only attaches importance to talents, but also pays more attention to the construction of comprehensive landing team, creating an open, transparent, industry-friendly and avant-garde trusteeship system, so that users can be more assured. 

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