New Product Release-Drawer Bath Tank

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For a long time, passive heat dissipation methods have always been adopted by most ASIC devices. BBZ has recently launched a new product - Drawer Bath Tank, which is a cooling device device featured with Liquid Immersion Cooling (LIC) technology.  It can effectively improve the heat dissipation rate of machines and optimize the efficiency ratio.  Comparing with the conventional air cooling system, users only need to submerge their ASIC miners into a liquid-cooling tank, leave it with certain runtime and the integrated can cooling efficiency can be greatly improved by 60%.  

Drawer Bath Tank

BBZ Drawer Bath Tank has the following three advantages:

Overlocking mining.

It reduces the unit cost per hash, and increases hashrate.  Thanks to liquid immersion cooling technology, the equipment can operate in a constant temperature environment without the need for additional electrical cooling, reducing power costs and improving mining efficiency.

Low dBa mining, environment friendly.  

Due to the fact that the equipment is fully immersed in coolant, and comparing to the unsettling noise generated by the conventional air-cooling equipment, this product can lower effective dBa ratio to a great extent. In addition, built-in cooling device of the miner can be possibly dismounted, so in return it reduces operating costs, and more hash power can be rendered from per unit area of the machine.

Extension of product life span.  

Our integrated product design allows the power unit of ASIC miner to saty at a constant temperature level, hence to prevent it from quick wearout caused by overheating.  On the other hand, the mining miner is completely immersed in customized dielectric coolant, which eliminates the possibility of dust adhesion to the inside of the machines, and reduces the static damage caused by it. As a result, such engineering extends the product life span and reduces its repair rate.  

Drawer Bath Tank

About BBZ

BBZ is at the forefront of the crypto-mining industry to encourage the use of LIC to improve operation efficiency. It has a complete set of product line, including CRB-20LIC data container, cooling tower, LIC liquid cooler tank (Drawer Bath Tank), coolant heat exchanger and so on. 

As we are riding along the prevailing wind of the industry, we will continually upgrade our service to meet the shifting needs of our clients, and provide unconstraint crypto-mining experience. For more information, please do not hesitate to contact us!


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