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Today we have summarized the common questions from customers, and hope to help you all. Please check below for details.


Q: Who will be the contract party of the hosting agreement with? Is there any guarantee party?

A: FD company will sign the custody agreement. Shenzhen Baodelin Investment Holding Co., Ltd. signed the consignment contract with the customer. Insured by the insurance company, the insurance price is about five parts per million of the total price.


Q: Is it legal to go through customs? Can you provide corresponding bills to us?

A: It's legal. We can provide the invoice.


Q: How can you ensure the after-sale service of the machine?

A: A Letter of guarantee can be provided.

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Q: How long will the shipping time be? How many days does the overall time take?

A: Arrive in The United States within 7 days after arriving in Shenzhen, and the uploading of machine is about 3 days (1000 mining machines)


Q: What are the overall procedure involved in the hosting process?

A: 1. Sign the contract and the Letter of Guarantee;

2. Determine whether customs clearance is required by us or not;

3. Sending the machine;

4. When arriving at the mine, recharge the electricity charge and frame the mining machine;

5. Continue to recharge after the electricity is exhausted, and the machine will be shut down if the electricity has no balance.


Q: Where does the delivery machine go? What if something goes wrong?

A: Texas, Wisconsin FD digital Supercomputer server center, the compensation is decided according to the market price for problems.


Q: How much is the transportation charge?

A: $10 /GK excluding customs duty.


Q: How much is the tariff?

A: The current tariff is 27%, and it will be adjusted to 2.4% later. The price of second-hand mining machines we declare at customs is generally at $200. (No invoice is required, we can also clear the customs in other ways, and the cost is halved)


Q: What are the contents of hosting services and how do you charge for them?

A: 1. Including ensuring power supply; 2. Integrity of equipment in case of force majeure; 3. Charging for repairing.


Q: How is the term of custody defined? Is there a minimum or maximum time requirement?

A: According to the contract, the minimum duration is 12 months.

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Q: What should I do if I want to stop hosting service in advance during the term of the contract?

A: Pay the liquidated damage fee.


Q: What should I do if the custody service fee is not paid according to regulations?

A: The hosting service will be stopped.


Q: Do you need to pay security deposit for hosting equipment? How to charge?

A: No, the hosting service fee covers the operational fee and the electricity fee.


Q: Is the electricity cost of escrow paid in advance or later?

A: Prepaid recharge before the hosting service.


Q: How to deal with device damage during hosting?

A: The Trust party shall not be held liable for natural damage except for force majeure.


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