What You Must Know About Cryptocurrency Mining

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Before you start mining cryptocurrencies, you should prepare something for it. When everything is ready, mining becomes fairly easy because everything happens automatically. All that's left to do is pay the electricity bill at the end of each month.

First here's a to-do list to get you started.

Cryptocurrency wallet

This password-protected container stores all your earnings while keeping your transaction ledger.

Mining software

It helps you to perform the mining process and usually consists of cgminer and stratum.

Online cryptocurrency exchange membership

Consisting of a community of miners, it facilitates the exchange of virtual currencies with traditional currencies, which increases profitability and income stability.

Fast and reliable internet connection

No cryptocurrency mining can be successful with a bad network. In addition, the network must be secure and reliable.

Hardware facility location

There should be a cool environment where the hardware can be placed where it won't overheat as the mining process generates more heat.

Custom computer

You will not be able to use your personal computer for mining purposes. There should be a dedicated PC for this purpose. Laptops and phones are not recommended as they simply don't have enough power to generate any revenue.

ATI graphics processing unit or ASIC chip

GPU or ASIC will become the main force for providing computing power services and mining work.

Cryptocurrency Mining

About cryptocurrency mining hardware

Different types of cryptocurrencies may require different types of hardware for optimal mining results. For example, hardware (such as ASIC, which stands for Application-Specific Integrated Circuit) has been customized to optimize cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin. GPU mining is slow compared to mining farms. For example, if you decide to mine bitcoin with a GPU, you may have to wait years to mine one bitcoin! You can find GPUs in any store that sells computer hardware.

As mining became more difficult, crafty coders started taking advantage of graphics cards because they provided more hashing power. They wrote mining software optimized for the processing power of GPUs to mine faster than central processing units (CPUs).

These graphics cards are faster, but they still consume more power and generate a lot of heat. That's when miners decided to switch to something called an application-specific integrated circuit, or ASIC. ASIC technology makes Bitcoin mining faster while using less electricity.

About cryptocurrency mining pool

Mining pools definitely bring miners together. Simply put, a mining pool is a place where ordinary miners who do not have access to large mining farms come together to share resources. When you join a mining pool, you are able to find solutions faster than solving math problems alone. You will be rewarded proportional to the amount of work you provide.

Mining pools are cool because they smooth out rewards and make them more predictable. Without a mining pool, you only receive mining rewards when you find a block yourself. That's why I don't recommend solo mining. Your hardware's hash rate is unlikely to be close enough to find a block on its own.

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