Why Choose Our Container of CRB-UL Series?

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Characteristics of our crypto mining containers 

The shell of CRB-UL series is made of steel. The key load-bearing part is equipped with reinforcement bars, and the upper and lower 4 corners are equipped with lifting rings to facilitate the lifting and transportation of the container.

It sets comprehensive fire prevention and anti-static treatment inside the container, with the 1.2-meters aisle width, ensuring enough operating space for operators to walk through.

Besides, the outer surface of the container body is of fully anti-corrosion treatment, with waterproof design, can be used outdoors for a long time, without any corrosion problem.

Moreover, safety locks are used for the door at both ends of the container, which is not only convenient for routine maintenance personnel to enter and exit, but also for emergency personnel to open the door at either end to ensure personal safety.

CRB-UL series container adopts the cooling mode of negative pressure fan + water curtain ventilation cooling system. 8 high-power negative pressure fans are evenly lined, and there is no dead angle for heat dissipation in the container.

The container is installed with water curtain cooling system, through which further reduce the inner environment temperature, improving the heat dissipation of equipment.

And the outside of the fan adopts automatic louver setting, which is automatically closed when the fan is turned off, with the effect of dustproof and waterproof. These attached water curtain fan settings can better keep the inner temperature of the container less than 40℃, further protecting the performance of the crypto miner machine to run well.

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