Wisconsin Park Falls Mining Site Is Officially Onboard on Feb, 20th, 2022

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Advantages of Wisconsin Crypto Mining Site

Wisconsin is located at the border between the United States and Canada, and its latitude is on the higher side of the entire TERRITORY of the USA. The mild long summer and cold winter season enable Wisconsin a better crypto mining site for the heat loss of miner machines. The factory in Park Falls crypto mining site can also accommodate about 20 40-foot crypto mining containers, and each 40-foot container has 336 slots, which perfectly avoids the precipitation and moisture problems that may be encountered when the containers are placed in the open area.


Current Equipment Arrival Schedule

A giant transformer has already sat in the original paper mill at Park Falls and a new batch of transformers will arrive around February 3rd. The 4 40-foot containers will be delivered to the mill around January 30. After circuit commissioning, the mining facility is expected to be opened for potential customer visitors on February 5th,2022.

The Park Falls mining site has a total capacity of 20MW and can accommodate around 5,000 Ant miner s19s. The Niagara mining site is also under construction. Park Falls and Niagara will come onbroad on February 20th,2022.


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