Raytheon S99 Asic Miner

10:39The S99 server is Thor’s newest version in the S99 server series. Power supply APW12 is part of S99 server. All S99 servers are tested and configured prior to shipping to ensure easy set up.

Raytheon  S99 Asic Miner
Raytheon  S99 Asic Miner
Raytheon  S99 Asic Miner
Raytheon  S99 Asic Miner
Raytheon  S99 Asic Miner
Raytheon  S99 Asic Miner

Product Parameters

Miner Type Professional crypto mining machine
Generate currency Bitcoin (BTC) 
Hash Rate (TH/S) 95
Power on Wall (W)


Power Efficiency on Wall (J/TH) 34.5 (-5%~+5%)
Network Connection Mode

Ethernet 100 M

Miner Size

(MM,Length*Width*Height, without Package)

Miner Size (MM,Length*Width*Height, with Package) TBD by customers
Net Weight (KG) 11.55
Gross Weight with Package (KG) TBD by customers
Operation Temp.(℃) 0~40
Storage Temp.(℃) -20~70
Operation Humidity (RH,non-condensing)   10~90%
Operation Altitude (M) ≤2000
Power Supply AC Input Voltage (V) 200~240
Power Supply AC Input Frequency Range (Hz) 47~63
Power Supply AC Input Current (Amp) 20 (1-3)

Product Description

1.All-in-one model, with the advantages of high computing power, low power consumption, strong stability and high cost performance, matched with a new high-conversion power supply, which can reduce the power loss in the conversion process and more energy-saving.

2.There is a reinforced dust grid inside the fan to prevent foreign objects from being inhaled.In-depth customization and optimization of heat dissipation design scheme, refined temperature control to reduce wastage.

3.The new firmware design makes the miner start faster, with more stable performance and a smarter control mechanism.

4.The appearance is concise and neat, and the machine body adopts a new integrated design. The high integration of the whole machine makes it more beautiful, safer, more convenient, and more scientific space utilization.




1.Please refer to the layout above to place your goods in usage in case of any damage.

2.The equipment must be connected to an earthed mains socket-outlet. The socket-outlet shall be installed near the equipment and shall be easily accessible.

3.The equipment has two power inputs, only by connecting those two power supply sockets simultaneously can the equipment run. When the equipment is powered off, be sure to power off all power inputs.

4.DO NOT remove any screws and cables tied on the product.

5.DO NOT PRESS the metal button on the cover.

6.Please note that the actual server shall prevail.



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