Crypto Mining Container/Mobile Data Center

Crypto mining container series is a mobile integrated supercomputing data center product launched by BBZ, which is specially designed to improve mining efficiency and reduce operating costs. The shape of the crypto mining container is close to the size of a 20-foot or 40-foot container, with high mobility and global transportation.

Containerized crypto mining equipment is more efficient than traditional mining, and its modular and integrated design allows it to be quickly moved and deployed to more power-rich regions of the world, reducing operating costs.

Advantages of Our Mobile Crypto Mining Containers

  • Efficient mobility and sturdy steel structure: container-type structure, the standard box body is 20 feet/40 feet, welded and assembled with steel plates, the structure is strong and sturdy, each crypto mining storage container can be easily reached by shipping or land All over the world.
  • Perfect ventilation and heat dissipation system: CRB-UL series container adopts negative pressure fan + water curtain ventilation cooling system, improving the heat dissipation of crypto mining shipping container equipment. Provide a good ambient temperature for crypto miner to ensure that the miner always maintains the peak computing power.
  • Diversified power protection: Multi-function meter and universal switch, power and cooling fan switches are set independently. The original vertical power socket and three-stage switch circuit protects the power supply, ensuring stable operation of the mining machine while reducing power consumption.

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