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Immersion Cooling Tank

With the continuous development of AI and cryptocurrency, the cooling technology of data centers is also facing great challenges. The emergence of submerged liquid cooling tank has solved this problem very well.

The common liquid cooling methods include cold plate type, spray type and submerged type, among which, submerged liquid cooling has the highest heat dissipation efficiency and can avoid local hot spots, which is a technical means to solve the various problems faced by heat dissipation systems in high performance computing environments.
Liquid immersion cooling is the reduction of heat from hardware by immersion in a thermally conductive medium liquid.

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Advantages of Liquid Immersion Cooling Tank

  • Higher power density: Immersion liquid cooling can greatly increase the server density per unit space in the data center, thereby better supporting high-density computing.
  • Higher equipment reliability: The immersed liquid cooling tank can keep the equipment working at a suitable temperature, and the immersion environment effectively avoids the adverse effects of humidity and dust on the equipment.
  • Higher space utilization: The excellent heat dissipation performance of immersion liquid cooling allows servers to be closely arranged without separation, and there is no need to configure cooling devices such as fans, so liquid immersion cooling has higher space utilization than traditional cooling solutions.

Implementation of Liquid Immersion Cooling Tank

The immersion cooling tank immerses the equipment directly in the coolant, relying on the coolant to absorb the heat generated by the equipment, and can be divided into single-phase immersion cooling and dual-phase immersion cooling according to whether the coolant changes in the process of circulating heat.

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