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Mining Transformer

Mining transformer is a movable complete set of power supply and transformation device. The mining transformer we offer is an energy-saving, low-noise, three-phase pad-mounted distribution transformer.

BBZ as a technical service company specializing in the design and development of mining transformers and crypto mining machines. We are able to provide the service of wholesale and customization mining transformers, and also can provide equipment hosting service.

Characteristics Of Mining Transformers

Continuous and efficient power supply for your crypto mining containers.

  • Rated capacity of 2500 kVA
  • Input & Output Voltage can be Customized

Low Voltage 415 Volts, 30 kV BIL

High Voltage 12,470 Volts, 95 kV BIL

  • Aluminium or Copper Wound
  • Efficiency Standard DOE-2016 compliant
  • Direct Bus Connection to our Panel Guards

The Mining Power Transformer is an explosion-proof, high-performance transformer designed for commercial applications and also as a residential transformer. For detailed parameters and wholesale prices of mining power transformers you can contact us.

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