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BBZ has two affiliated hosting centers, Wisconsin hosting center and Texas hosting center. Our business mainly focuses on mega data computing services, supercomputing center data box production and blockchain mining hosting services. The company attaches not only importance to talents, but also pays hefty attention to the establishment of comprehensive landing team,  the creation of an open, transparent, industry-friendly and vanward trusteeship system. BBZ is a devoting company who values clients and always puts them in the first place. We will be tirelessly committed to the betterment of long-term business relations.

Hosted mining location
mining farm hosting center
Hosted mining center environment
global hosting and mining location
Hosted mining location
mining farm hosting center
Hosted mining center environment
global hosting and mining location

Our Advantages

BBZ offers mining machine hosting and crypto mining hosting services in a reliable, safe and cool environment. A professional one-stop hosting service from installation to maintenance, designed to achieve fast results that meet each client's needs and goals.

global hosting and mining center

One-stop complete solution

The working team of digital supercomputer server hosting center is composed of professionals in operation and maintenance, network, power, fire fighting, cooling and noise reduction and other fields, offering 7*24 hours bitcoin mining hosting services to deal with all kinds of hardware and software problems and ensure the stable operation of bitcoin mining equipment.

Meet the local government indicators, safety is guaranteed

It has a good advantages in the site selection of computing power center, and the handling process is smooth, can effectively promote the project approval and other related procedures; Power-generating enterprises maintain close cooperation with sales level to ensure that electricity is guaranteed.

Competitive price advantage

The operation and maintenance team is a skilled team member with more than three years of experience. They can adapt to the daily operation and maintenance of supercomputer center and deal with network configuration, machine position deployment, power failure, network disconnection, local temperature overheating, overcooling and other emergencies. 24 hours operation and maintenance management and maintenance, electricity billing transparent. Reasonable infrastructure and personnel operation provide the foundation for excellent service and mining farm hosting price experience of supercomputing center.

Professional quality, comprehensive and diverse application of scenarios

It focuses on empowering enterprise data, providing one-stop enterprise data mining data and analysis tools, making your big data analysis more agile, faster, more powerful through the one-stop big data analysis platform! Through cross-system and cross-platform data integration and processing, it covers the whole process and meets the end-to-end analysis of the whole value chain to analyze the operating status of enterprises. 

Mining Hosting Pricing

Hosting prices include electricity and maintenance costs.

Minimum order of rig stand: 336, 12-month contract. For more details, please feel free to send us your e-mails to:

info1@bdlcyber.com or Leona.xu@bdlcyber.com



Contract time:


Owing to the volatility of crypto currency market, order volume, installation timeframe, and local electricity prices, hosting prices may vary on daily basis. We also offer mining transformers, immersion cooling tanks, and related Bitcoin mining hardware products. To learn more about the cost of hosting, please contact us directly for a custom hosting quote.

Order your mining equipment through us and choose to host your equipment with us at the same time. Special hosting offer for all mining equipment orders.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is hosting / miner collocation?

Hosting or custody service sometimes also referred to as collocation, is the ability to operate your ASIC miners or GPU mining rigs in a dedicating mining facility.

These facilities are often secure data centers which have been optimised for miners. This can help reduce electricity costs, space requirements and noise levels normally associated with mining on your own premises.

Can I bring my own mining machine to your hosting site?

Absolutely, we can host your mining equipment in our 20 feet or 40 feet containers. Make sure your crypto mining project gets better hosting services

What is included in the mining farm hosting  setup fee?

The setup fee covers the initial setup of your mining machines in our mining facility. We'll ensure your mining equipment is properly configured so that earnings are delivered straight to your wallet.

Are electricity and maintenance costs included?

Yes, all electricity and maintenance is included in our bitcoin mining hosting service fee.

Where is your hosting facility located?

Our mining hosting facility is located in Wisconsin and Texas, USA.

Who owns the mining machine if I buy crypto mining rig from you?

The mining equipment is yours. You can ship your equipment to anywhere you want once your mining farm hosting contract expires.

How can I send my mining equipment to you?

Please get in touch with a member of the team today to discuss our bitcoin mining hosting service: Leona.xu@bdlcyber.com.


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